Zarrar Box Office Collections

Zarrar Box Office Collections

Zarrar Box Office Collections

Lollywood’s much-anticipated film Zarrar has had a phenomenal start at the box office, grossing over Rs 11.54 crores in just 7 days, which is very impressive. Despite tough competition from the other newly released Tich Button film, Zarrar is doing well. Here’s a breakdown of the movie’s box office collections in different countries.

The film collected PKR 6.72 Crores at the domestic box office, an outstanding achievement. In contrast, the movie has collected PKR 4.82 Crores at the international box office. This shows that Zarrar is a film that has appealed to audiences domestically and internationally. If this trend continues, we could see Pakistani movies giving Bollywood a run for its money in the near future.

Zarrar Box Office Collections Worldwide

Days Pakistan Gross Overseas Gross
Day 1 PKR 1.33 Crores PKR 0.81 Crores
Day 2 PKR 1.56 Crores PKR 1.17 Crores
Day 3 PKR 0.81 Crores PKR 0.52 Crores
Day 4 PKR 0.87 Crores PKR 0.57 Crores
Day 5 PKR 0.71 Crores PKR 0.42 Crores
Day 6 PKR 0.67 Crores PKR 0.44 Crores
Day 7 PKR 0.77 Crores PKR 0.49 Crores
Total: PKR 11.54 Crores

Pakistan Gross

Overall, the movie has grossed PKR 6.72 Crores in Pakistan, which is a perfect number. This is a fantastic feat, considering that most movies see a drop in the coming days. However, on the seventh, the movie’s collections dropped to 0.49 Crore. This is still an impressive number, considering the movie’s budget.

Days Pakistan Gross
Day 1 PKR 1.33 Crore
Day 2 PKR 1.56 Crore
Day 3 PKR 0.81 Crore
Day 4 PKR 0.87 Crore
Day 5 PKR 0.71 Crore
Day 6 PKR 0.67 Crore
Day 7 PKR 0.77 Crore
Total: PKR 6.72 Crores

Overseas Gross

Despite this mixed performance, the film has still managed to gross a respectable total. The film saw a bit of a dip and grossed a total of 4.82 Crores overseas!

Days Overseas Gross
Day 1 PKR 0.81 Crores
Day 2 PKR 1.17 Crore
Day 3 PKR 0.52 Crore
Day 4 PKR 0.57 Crore
Day 5 PKR 0.42 Crore
Day 6 PKR 0.44 Crore
Day 7 PKR 0.49 Crore
Total: PKR 4.82 Crores

Zarrar has managed to stay afloat despite the tough competition from the Lollywood big The Legend Of Maula Jatt. The Legend Of Maula Jatt is a clear winner in this battle. It is clear that Zarrar is no match for The Legend Of Maula Jatt in terms of box office performance.

It’s plus point is that the film has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike and is being praised for its direction, performances, and story. It is a must-watch for fans of spy and thriller films.

This is a well-made film with a strong cast and crew and is sure to find an audience amongst overseas audiences. It stars Shaan Shahid and Kiran Malik in the lead roles while Nadeem Baig, Nayyar Ejaz, and Shafqat Cheema play supporting roles. It is Pakistan’s first spy action film which Shaan Shahid directs.

The Zarrar film is expected to garner more revenue in the coming days. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the box office figures and will update you on its progress in the coming days.

Note: This Article, “Zarrar Movie Box Office Collections”, will be updated when more data comes.

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