Violent Night Box Office Collection

Violent Night Box Office Collection

Violent Night Box Office Collection

The violent Night movie had a good run all around the world, with awe-inspiring numbers in USA & Canada, the UK, Australia, and Peru. The critically acclaimed psychological thriller seems like a box office hit worldwide. The Violent Night movie has collected $8.75 million from all over the world. Here’s a breakdown of the movie’s box office collections in different countries.

Middle East, Africa, and America

The box office collections for Hollywood Violent Night were nothing short of impressive! The USA and Canada made an extraordinary $4 million, while Peru and Mexico followed close behind with $3425 and $785320, respectively. Other countries like Hong Kong, the Philippines, Argentina, and Brazil were just a little behind, with $122000, $85000, $142300, and $294520 in collections, respectively.

Markets Gross
USA & Canada $6042000
Singapore $310200
Brazil $294520
UAE $170200
Argentina $142300
Israel $140500
Hong Kong $122000
Indonesia $111020
Philippines $85000
Total: $7.4 Million

Europe, Africa & Australia

The movie’s success in these countries and regions, including Africa, Europe, and Australia, shows the immense popularity of Violent Night and its compelling story. It performed exceptionally well in France, raking in a whopping $230400. In Australia, it earned an impressive $185320, while Spain made $210400. The UK was the biggest earner for the movie, with a total of $1898000. It also made a decent sum in Sweden, with $23010 in box office receipts. All in all, the movie has been doing incredibly well and has been a great success!

Countries Gross
UK $1898000
Belgium $112000
France $230400
Denmark $87500
Hungary $29520
Germany $189000
Italy $105800
Netherlands $94050
Portugal $12230
Thailand $72400
Bulgaria $56700
Spain $210400
Finland $66900
Ireland $66700
Norway $80305
South Africa $42200
Total: $3.35 Million

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