The Menu Box Office Collection Worldwide

The Menu Box Office Collection

The Menu Box Office Collection

Hollywood big, The Menu movie grossed $31.6M from 3,228 locations. This was a sign for the film, which was able to make the most of its limited release. The Menu did incredibly well in larger cities, where it grossed an average of more than $5,752 per location. This is an excellent start for the film, which will continue to find success as it expands its release.

Europe, Africa & Middle East

Countries Collections
UK $2,348,580
Italy $1,333,610
Germany $1,286,465
France $790,690
Czech Republic $768,004
Netherlands $420,310
Poland $327,625
Switzerland $283,718
UAE $234,240
Austria $218,642
Romania $109,045
Finland $106,640
Belgium $97,600
Hungary $96,999
Denmark $96,555
Norway $92,467
Sweden $88,615
Türkiye $54,200
Croatia $44,210
Serbia $38,520
Slovakia $36,440
Bulgaria $35,940
Lithuania $23,327
Slovenia $12,015
South Africa $11,455
Iceland $6,223

Hollywood‘s The Menu film has been doing quite well at the box office, particularly in Europe. The film has grossed over a million dollars in the United Kingdom alone. The movie has also done well in other European countries such as Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. In addition, the film has also performed well in the Middle East, with a strong showing in the United Arab Emirates.

Asia & America

Countries Collections
USA & Canada $18,944,600
Mexico $866,866
Japan $812,390
Australia $810,025
Indonesia $350,280
Argentina $201,340
Malaysia $196,610
New Zealand $122,712
Thailand $121,560
Singapore $110,900
Philippines $65,255
Vietnam $61,410
India $37,260

In the American & Asian regions, The Menu movie has been smashing it at the box office! It’s made a whopping $18,944,600 in the US and Canada alone. Not far behind are Mexico and Australia, with collections of $866,866 and $810,025. With its notoriously fickle movie-going audience, even India has been contributing to the movie’s collections, with a respectable $37,260.

Not too shabby for a comedy horror film! The Menu movie is doing exceptionally well internationally and will surely be a big hit globally. Here’s hoping it continues to succeed as it expands its release and introduces more people to its delicious story.

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